Product - Medical Surgical Paper

Medical Surgical Paper

Gayatri Printers manufactures Sterilizable Medical Packaging Papers for a wide variety of flexible packaging and testing applications in the healthcare market.

Hygienically produced, Bactite paper free from optical brighteners has been developed to meet special requirements to provide heat sealability, suitable for steam sterilization giving it color indication. It has good water repellent quality & barrier against bacterial growth.

These kraft and polymer-reinforced papers are designed to withstand rigorous processing requirements of packaging converters as well as sterilization processes without degradation or loss of package integrity.

Product Features:

1. Heat sealable with poly.
2. Suitable for (Steam/ ETO/Gamma) sterilization.
3. Prevents moisture and other contaminants
4. Available in various sizes
5. Gold & Coloured Foils
6. Food Grade Materials

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